Safekeeping and Reporting of Assets



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We distinguish our custody services by delivering superior service and flexibility that are not available at large firms today.  Our award winning* custody services can be bundled with other Fiduciary Trust services, or used independently by endowments and foundations, advisors, and family offices.

Our custody services include:

Reporting and Online Access:

  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Tax lot accounting
  • Principal & income accounting
  • Trade date reporting
  • 24×7 Account access via the web and mobile app


  • Domestic and foreign cash processing
  • Domestic and foreign security settlement
  • Collection and distribution of income
  • Corporate action processing
  • Efficiently managed proxy requests and shareholder voting
  • The Fiduciary Enhanced Sweep program which provides FDIC insurance on cash balances up to $20 million, as well as daily liquidity and competitive yields¹

How We’re Different

For Advisors and Family Offices

For Endowments and Foundations

For more information, please contact:

Scott Sumner, Head of Custody, at 617-574-3426 or

Alternatively, you may fill out our contact form


¹ Through program with Total Bank Solutions; up to $10 million in FDIC insurance for individual accounts and $20 million for qualifying accounts with two or more account owners.

*Fiduciary Trust Company was named “Best Custodian” at the 2021 Private Asset Management Awards