Wealth Planning

A Personalized, Comprehensive Approach



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Our approach to wealth planning integrates financial and estate planning to provide a comprehensive roadmap to help provide financial security for you and your family. Our skilled planning team helps transform a potentially daunting process into an empowering experience, and can be viewed as an ongoing, seven-step process:

  1. Identify Personal Priorities: What matters to you? Is it time with family, travel, philanthropy, wealth transfer, or something else?
  2. Translate Personal Priorities into Goals: Common goals include, but are not limited to, retirement funding, purchasing real estate, education, charitable causes, and wealth transfer.
  3. Review Financial Resources: Current savings, retirement assets, and income sources are important. Be realistic about how long you plan to work. Review irrevocable trust terms if you are a beneficiary.
  4. Articulate Any Obstacles: Are you spending beyond your means or do you have too much debt? Are you struggling to name a guardian for your minor children? Are you not qualified to make your own investment decisions?
  5. Create a Wealth Plan for Meeting Goals: Review financial projections and prioritize goals. Draft or update your core estate plan and possibly irrevocable trusts.
  6. Implement Your Wealth Plan: Consider asset ownership, beneficiary designations, spending and savings habits, debt management, risk management and gift giving. Have conversations with family about your wealth plan and develop a centralized list of accounts and advisors.
  7. Periodically Revisit Your Wealth Plan: Every few years or whenever your circumstances change, you should begin again with reassessing your priorities.

Life is busy, but taking a moment to prioritize the financial well-being of your family can be time well spent. Ensure you obtain expert advice which our credentialed professionals in financial, estate and tax planning, and investment management can provide for you and your family.